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Gorge Works Internships Start in June 2019

Thanks for your interest. We have a wide range of internship and work experience opportunities for you to consider.

Interested in exploring jobs with career potential and getting paid in the process?  Gorge Works offers access to multiple paid work experience opportunities for the Summer of 2019 in the Columbia Gorge  through one convenient application process.

This year’s slate covers a LOT of territory, from research and development to construction and all kinds of things in between.

So click on the button below and take a look at what might await in your adventure exploring new career horizons!

Host An Intern

Columbia Gorge businesses are welcome to apply to be part of this nine-week summer internship program.

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Professional Development

Community leaders and industry specialists teach interns professional development skills in weekly workshops.

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Our Objectives

Gorge Works has three objectives:

  1. To help businesses identify candidates for skilled employment;
  2. To provide internship opportunities allowing for the exploration of local skilled employment opportunities;
  3. To promote the Columbia Gorge as an excellent place to live and work.

We believe this program can provide life-changing opportunities for people to try out career options, show their abilities to potential employers and connect with diverse training options, whether they are new high school graduates or are already on the job and looking to improve their options.

Supply and Demand

Filling skilled jobs, particularly in technology and manufacturing industries, is a growing challenge in the United States, where skills gaps, retirements and other factors contribute to unfilled job vacancies.

The situation is no different in the Columbia River Gorge where dozens of skilled, well-paying jobs with benefits remain unfilled while workers languish in unskilled, minimum-wage or part-time jobs with no benefits.

Getting Started

Gorge Works is working with a number of major employers in the Columbia Gorge. They will be offering internships that range from front office specialities like accounting, marketing and Human Resources, to hands-on jobs like heavy equipment operators, mechanics and advanced manufacturing. In addition to the host businesses, several other major employers are serving on our steering committee, and a number of local organizations have agreed to serve in supporting roles, including the Port of The Dalles, Columbia Gorge Community College, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce and others.

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