Workplace Expectations

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We all know we can’t wear pajamas and flip-flops to work, but what separates the good employees from the great ones? The answer lies in fulfilling one’s expectations. This interactive session will include discussions on why workplace expectations are crucial to professional success and on universal expectations that can be applied to all work environments.

Session Outline

  • My personal bio and work history
  • Most challenging or memorable work experience (each student), open discussion
Importance of Workplace Expectations:
  1. Understanding your role 
  2. Understanding your job description
Group discussion
  • Small group session to name at least 3 expectations
  • Discussion of small group findings
Video on workplace expectations

Leona Egeland

“And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:13​


Born and raised in The Dalles, OR, Leona Egeland’s parents owned and operated an electrical business for 30 years in town. After completing a college degree in Dental Hygiene, her husband and she moved to Montana and then to Bend, Oregon where her husband trained as a plumber. They decided to put his expertise into their own business in Dufur, owning and operating Ridgeline Plumbing since 2006. She is a mother of young daughters and is actively involved in the local community,  church and school.

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